Data, privacy, and connected systems

Understanding how the public thinks about data sharing.


The Federal Front Door: Information Exchange project was a three-month discovery engagement meant to uncover possibilities for information sharing between federal agencies as a way of providing better public access to government services.

Project Summary

Our work was divided into three broad categories: research, prototyping (and testing), and synthesis. During the research phase, we familiarized ourselves with applicable legislation — namely, the Privacy Act of 1974 and the Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Act of 1988 — and determined how these laws apply to our work. We also identified current examples of information-sharing between agencies, conducted user interviews, and researched best practices for communicating privacy- and security-related concepts.

During the second phase, we built a series of prototypes representing the interfaces users will encounter as they’re being asked to authorize information sharing between agencies from which they hope to acquire services. Using feedback from our prototype-test participants, we refined our designs and modified our initial hypotheses to reflect our users’ preferences, feelings, and insights. These prototypes can be found on Github.

During the final phase, we compiled a report summarizing our findings. You can download the report here.